Musical Beginning - The Program

This is a specialty program geared to the 4-6 years olds.

Through the use of of an age appropriate book and an inventive and cheerful compact disc the child learns about the key names, timing, fingers, note recognition and duet playing.

The program is available in 15 minute sessions, taking advantage of the young child's attention span. In addition, 1/2 hr and 45 minute sessions for 2 children at a time - ideal for siblings.

This program consists of 3 books and is natural progression into the more traditional program.

My experience has been an overwhelming success as the students have shown great enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

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Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois find overwhelming evidence that musical training enhances the brain's adaptive abilities, priming the nervous system for improved language acquisition, speech, memory, attention span and vocal emotion.

Vancouver Sun,
July 23, 2010


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