About Me

I began my musical studies at the age of nine with the electric organ. My parents contacted the Royal Conservatory of Music to arrange for lessons and were told that a Grade Nine piano was a pre-requisite for electric organ lessons. I was blessed with supportive parents who were willing to purchase a piano and so I began my musical journey.

Over the years, I have also learned to play the flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone and vibraphone. I was a member of junior and senior bands as well as jazz bands. My interest in music continued and I became a piano and organ teacher with the Ahed Corp. In 1980, I began to teach in my own home studio and continue to do with great pleasure to this day.

I encourage my students to complete the Royal Conservatory of Music Exams both the practical and theory graded levels with the end goal of meeting the requirement of a high school credit - a worthy reward for years of dedication.

Music Festivals

I offer each student the opportunity to compete in music festivals, some of my students have been awarded scholarships.


My goal is to teach each student in the kindest and most encouraging manner while instilling a love of music and adherence to the discipline of daily practice sessions.




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