Piano + Theory Lessons

Piano Lessons

Each lesson is 1/2 hour individual class where we cover technical exercising to build a strong foundation for playing repertoire pieces.

In the early stages, the focus will be note reading and keyboard familiarity as well as understanding rhythm and use of a metronome to maintain even tempos.

The program progresses with introductory level of the Royal Conservatory of Music and on to the graded levels. Once Grade One level is reached, the student is encouraged to take the Royal Conservatory Grade One exam.

Music exams are held in January, June and August. Preparations for these exams are done in class with the goal of having the student achieve high level of performance and receive the certification through the Royal Conservatory.

Music Theory

Each lesson includes some theory and with this gained knowledge, students have a better understanding for music. This in turn raises their confidence level and makes for a strong practice routine.

The rudiments theory exam have 3 levels namely: Basic, Intermediate and Senior. These levels are CO-requisites for the Practical levels starting with Grade 5.

Since some theory is already taught during weekly lessons, a minimal amount of additional 'theory lessons' may be required to review material and do mock exams.

It is worth noting that my students consistently score high marks in Royal Conservatory Exams.

Musical Beginning - A specialty program for young beginners

This is a specialty program geared to the 4-6 years olds.

Through the use of of an age appropriate book and an inventive and cheerful compact disc the child learns about the key names, timing, fingers, note recognition and duet playing.

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